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Court Builder™

Sport Court - Court Builder™ Design Your Court

In-Home Flooring for Delaware and Maryland Residences

Sport Court Mid Atlantic's can install in-home flooring that has durable and water resistant tiles that protect both your floor and your personal belongings. Our in-home flooring can easily be configured to fit any space in your house. Contact us today for a friendly hassle-free estimate.

Turn your garage into a showroom. Daytona™ flooring is colorful, durable and simple to install. Our flooring snap together to cover cracked, pitted concrete and protects subfloors from the elements. It even eases the back-warping fatigue caused by standing on hard concrete surfaces.

Recreation Rooms
Tougher than carpet and easier on falls than concrete, Sport Court Mid Atlantic in-home flooring is perfect for high traffic areas where kids go to play like kids. You can bring your basement to life with bright color combinations or create a surface for games on the floors themselves with geometric patterns.

Basements are notorious places for moisture and mildew build up. But you can easily protect your stored belongings by installing Sport Court basement flooring. The HP2 modular system resists both mold and mildew and discourages bacterial growth. It installs directly over existing basement floors which creates a barrier between moisture and your possessions.

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