Make it easy for customers to reach you. 

Need people to get a hold of you or your business? 

Forms make it easy!

Forms are the best solution to make it easy for people to reach out to you or your business! 


We make it easy for you, so you can make it easy for them.  Our form generator is effortless, intuitive, and fun to change. WHENEVER.

Simply select a form and start adding fields that you would want answered:  Want to know their name, email, and phone number?  It's as easy as selecting from a number of categories.  You can go in an customize anyone of those fields, so your form is completely custom to you. 


  • Customize Form Recipients
  • Drag and Drop Fields Around
  • Customize Fields to You Liking

If you need 3 forms to go to 3 different people or departments, no problem! 

In the settings, you can assign forms to go to any specific recipient.  You can even customize the thank you message your site visitor will receive once they submit their form to you.

Not only will your form go to the specified recipient, but we keep a database for you to access in our tool-so you can build up a contact list.


Our form builder can survey your clients.  This data you collect through your forms will be stored in a database, exportable to excel using CSV format.  You can customize any form for client purposes, and specify certain forms to be sent to any specific user email.