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Commercial Gym Flooring for Maryland and Delaware Facilities


Sport Court Mid Atlantic has been in the sports flooring game for years, helping Sport Court ® corporate develop more than 50,000 projects worldwide, surpassing the expectations of even the most demanding coaches, athletes, architects and builders. Whether it's an indoor facility, a rugged outdoor court, or a competitive track surface, our high-performance sports flooring for commercial courts are versatile, low-maintenance and best of all, affordable.

Gymnasium Flooring

Gymnasiums and Gym Flooring
Our surfaces are designed and built with the athlete in mind, offering safe sport surfaces that ease the shock on developing joints. They're versatile enough to switch from volleyball to basketball to a general student assembly and are the perfect choice whether you're retrofitting an existing gym or building a new one. Learn more about our gymnasiums and gym flooring.

Fitness, Weight and Locker Room Flooring

Weight Rooms and Locker Rooms
Sport Court Mid Atlantic provides rubber weight room flooring for weight rooms and locker room facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Delaware. Learn more about our weight room and locker room flooring.

Fitness, Weight and Locker Room Flooring

Volleyball Courts and Sports Facilities
Perfect for school gyms, churches, and multi-purpose facilities, our Response™ athletic surface is the #1 choice of USA Volleyball® and the NCAA® Division I Volleyball Championships. Learn more about our volleyball courts and sports facilities.

Gymnasium Flooring

Aerobics and Dance Floors
We install Sport Court aerobic floors and indoor sports flooring systems for large facilities, including weight rooms, locker rooms, dance studios and even home gyms. Learn more about our aerobics and dance floors.

15 Year Warranty

Most Comprehensive Warranty

No other warranty offers the same protection as our 15-year limited warranty.

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