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Sport Court Backyard Basketball and Tennis Courts

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Residential Backyard Courts for 15 Sports in Maryland and Delaware

The technology that goes into Michael Jordan's Flight School and NCAA® volleyball court is the same technology that goes into your backyard. Technically, our courts are made of high-impact interlocking Polypropylene Copolymer with 676 solid reinforced support legs and UV stabilizers. In earth language that means a game court that reacts realistically to the action, gives with the body and will last for years.

All of our backyard courts are custom designed and custom built. Sizes start at 20x20 and go up from there. A typical 20x20 court starts at around $9000.

Multi-Sport Game Court

Multi-Sport Game Courts
You might want a court, but you're getting a rec center. It's a basketball arena to be neighborhood champs. It's a place for hockey without a timeout for cars and a tennis court with no waiting list.

Learn more about our multi-sport game courts.

Backyard Basketball Court

Backyard Basketball Courts
Install a backyard basketball court and your kids can practice day and night in the comfort of their own backyard and be able to take their basketball skills and athleticism to the next level.

Learn more about our backyard basketball courts.

Tennis Court

Tennis Court
Whether we provide you with tennis court resurfacing for your existing tennis court or we build you a tennis court from scratch, we are your Mid Atlantic game court specialist.

Learn more about our tennis courts.

Tennis Court

QuickStart Tennis
Play a doubles match with the neighbors without paying a guest fee. You can schedule it rain or shine because our Quickstart Tennis courts are completely self-draining so it's dry soon after the clouds have emptied. It also ensures your knees aren't drained as the Lateral Forgiveness™ surface springs you from side-to-side in every baseline rally. Learn more about our Quickstart Tennis courts.

Tennis Court

Indoor Home Gyms
Nothing could be sweeter than your own personal indoor court/home gym. And a Sport Court floor makes it all the better. The flooring is constructed to give with the action, creating realistic play while easing the tension on joints and hips. It's also easier to maintain than hardwood because it's resistant to water and high humidity damage. Learn more about our Home Gyms

Batting Cage

Batting Cages
Having your own personal baseball batting cage from Sport Court® Mid Atlantic will make it easy to spend more time practicing and getting better at baseball!

Learn more about our batting cages.

Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Court

In-Home Flooring
Sport Court flooring is equally adept at transforming rooms inside your house as it is your backyard. With over a dozen colors to choose from, you can match any decor to create a fresh new look. Learn more about our In-Home Flooring

Putting Green

Putting Greens
Practice your short game with a Sport Court Mid Atlantic putting green in your backyard. Whether your relationship with golf is casual or serious, no other home recreational activity will provide more hours of fun and stress relief than your very own Sport Court Mid Atlantic putting green. Learn more about our putting greens.

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