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Maryland and Delaware Tennis Courts by Sport Court Mid Atlantic

Whether we provide you with tennis court resurfacing for your existing tennis court or we build you a tennis court from scratch, we are your Mid Atlantic game court specialist.

Currently, Sport Court Mid Atlantic serves residential communities and commercial properties, building tennis courts and Quickstart Tennis courts in Baltimore, Maryland and Delaware and their surrounding areas.

No need to worry about cracks, blisters and resurfacing every few years like traditional applications, our tennis court surfacing has the latest technology in athletic performance surfacing, offering vertical cushioning and patented “lateral forgiveness” to absorb the shock of sudden starts and stops in hard play.

Check out our tennis court images and our tennis court videos.


Sport Court® Suspended Court Surfaces
Sport Court® suspended surfaces are the Safest Courts in the World™, featuring the latest technology in tennis court surfaces. Engineered to provide the highest level of shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness™ to reduce the stress on your joints and back typically associated with hard court surfaces. Learn more about our suspended court surfaces.


Guardian® Crack Repair
At last, a true tennis court crack repair product that is over 300% more successful than traditional crack repair methods. The ultra-aggressive adhesive combined with a highly flexible fabric isolates the crack and provides a budget friendly solution for cracked courts with long lasting results. Learn more about our Guardian® Crack Repair.


Acrylics and Cushioned Acrylics
The best acrylic coating products featuring 100% acrylic latex combined with the highest quality raw materials made in the USA that provide a world-class playing surface. This surface is played on by the top professionals and is selected for the ATP, WTA, Fed Cup, and Davis cup matches and events. Learn more about our acrylics and cushioned acrylics.

Our Partnership with the United States Tennis Association

Since 2008, Sport Court has been the official modular suspended surface of the United States Tennis Association. The USTA utilizes the Sport Court PowerGame surface at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. More info…

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